Lot 150

Libros de automoviles

Estimate: MXN$3,600 - MXN$4,200

Bid Increments

Price Bid Increment
MXN$0 MXN$50
MXN$500 MXN$100
MXN$1,000 MXN$200
MXN$1,800 MXN$200
MXN$2,200 MXN$300
MXN$2,800 MXN$200
MXN$3,200 MXN$300
MXN$3,800 MXN$200
MXN$4,200 MXN$300
MXN$4,800 MXN$200
MXN$5,000 MXN$500
MXN$10,000 MXN$1,000
MXN$50,000 MXN$5,000
MXN$100,000 MXN$10,000
MXN$500,000 MXN$50,000
MXN$1,000,000 MXN$100,000
Un importante lote de libros, compuesto de : 2 libros FIFTIES FLASHBACK: The American Car, Autor : Dennis Adler, Ed. Motorbooks Classics, 2004, 160 paginas; FIFTIES AMERICAN CARS , Autor Mike Mueller, Ed MBI, 1994, 96 paginas + 1 libro : AUTOMOVILES DE LOS AGNOS CINCUENTA Y SESENTA. Autor : Michael Sedgwick, Ed. Raíces, 1983, 240 paginas + Lote de 3 libros: GREAT CARS OF THE FORTIES(by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide, 1985), AMERICAN CARS OF THE 1940s, compilado por Oluslager Organisation, Ed. Frederick Warne and Co. 1973, y, CARS OF THE 40'S, editado por el EDITORS OF CONSUMER GUIDE, 1979 + Lote de 2 libros: CARS OF THE 30'S, CARS OF THE 60'S, ambos editados por THE CONSUMER GUIDE EDITORS + Lote de 2 libros: CARS OF THE 40'S y CARS OF THE 50'S. Editados por el AUTO EDITORS OF CONSUMER GUIDE + lote de 3 libros. CARS OF THE 50'S, CARS OF THE 60'S, CARS OF THE 70'S. Autor: James M. Flammang y editados por el AUTO EDITORS OF CONSUMER GUIDE. Pasta en piel.

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Following the Auction, Buyers must remove all Lots from the Auction site. 

Buyers must provide their own packing materials and their own assistants for the removal of lots. 

If not removed timely by Buyer, in addition to any and all other remedies and rights JP AUCTIONS may have, JP AUCTIONS shall have the right to remove any Lot at Buyer’s sole risk and expense and store it, at Buyer’s expense, including removal, storage, transportation and handling expenses and costs and applicable taxes, at a third-party warehouse, and Buyer hereby grants JP AUCTIONS an irrevocable power of attorney to remove and store such Lots at Buyer’s expense.  


Items not collected within 2 days of the Auction will be charged per lot per day, as follow:

-Classic Cars and Motorcycles: 3000 MXN (+ 16% VAT)

-Memorabilia : 500 MXN (+ 16% VAT)


For international bidders, please contact JP AUCTIONS regarding your specific needs of collection, removal, storage and delivery. We would be delighted to help you in this process. 



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